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Interphone has release a new line of IPX4 weatherproof handlebar cases. The kit includes a universal tubular handlebar mount kit which will fit handlebars from 12-30mm in diamaeter (every normal tubular handlebar). 

Kits are available for

Iphone 6 Iphone 6 Plus Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & 4


Interphone is happy to welcome to our growing list of retailers, in this video we show you how to install the Interphone F5S into a Bell Revolver Evo helmet. The new headset design of the Interphone F5S makes it a very straight forward procedure. The procedure is the same for most helmets as well as the F5MC.

The key differences between the Interphone F5XT and Interphone F5S are the ability of the F5XT to charge via a 2.5mm cable which is included in the kit. The F5XT does not include a wall charger, whereas the F5S includes a wall USB charger. 

Also the F5S and F5 are not compatible with the F5XT firmware updater, however future upgrades will be released for both units.

The F5 and F5S are virtually identical although the F5S features detachable microphones and the F5 has the microphone attached to the left speaker.

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